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Activity / Product Surf Freedom 7 Scuba 7
Dive (SCUBA) N/A Applicable Applicable
Dive (Hookah Line) N/A Applicable N/A
Snorkel N/A Applicable N/A
Free Dive N/A Applicable N/A
Spear Fishing N/A Applicable N/A
Ocean Swimming N/A Applicable N/A
Surf (long board) Applicable N/A N/A
Surf (Short Board) Applicable N/A N/A
Body Board N/A Applicable N/A
Wind Surf Applicable Applicable N/A
Kayak / Canoe Applicable Applicable N/A
Fishing N/A Applicable N/A
Boating N/A Applicable N/A
Aquaculture N/A Applicable Applicable

Scuba Diving

It is recommended that the FREEDOM7 is typically used for scuba diving, which then also allows the user to use it for other water activities. The SCUBA7 has a different and smaller antenna assembly and therefore is designed for shallow inter-tidal zones with considerable water movement, which typically is not an activity of recreational divers. The SCUBA7 also typically requires the user to wear a wet or dry suit.

Surfing and Kayaking

It is recommended that the SURF7 is typically used for surfing. The SURF7 mounts to the rear of the board, rather than your ankle, and therefore allows the antenna to be fully submerged, which is required for the device to function correctly. The low drag antenna design also works well for kayaking.

High Speed Craft

The Shark Shield is not recommended for high speed applications such as jet skiing or when water skiing therefore it should only be used while the craft is stationary.

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