Shark Shield News & Articles

Surfing Legend Tom Carroll Joins Shark Shield Team

9 April 2014

Australian surfing legend Tom Carroll has joined Shark Shield as its surfing ambassador. The Australian-based Shark Shield makes the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent and is delighted the two-time world.... read more

Calls for Shark Shields to replace catch and kill

24 February 2014

A woman who survived a shark attack has thrown her support behind the WA Opposition's proposal to use Shark Shields as an alternative to the government's contentious "catch and kill" policy..... read more

Can Electronic Shark Deterrents save the Surf and Dive Industry

22 October 2013

The Shark Shield provides a clear level of protection not only for professional ocean users like abalone divers but recreational users like surfers, spear fishers and scuba divers. Getting that message across, however, has proved problematic. “It’s incred.... read more

Shark Shield to Protect Reunion Island Surfers from Shark Attacks

2 October 2013

Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent, is announcing a “Surf Any Break Without Intimidation” program for Reunion Island Surfers to get them back in the water safely..... read more

Is Shark Shield The Answer To Hawaii's Shark Attacks?

14 September 2013

The spate of Hawaiian shark attacks has left experts puzzled and groping for answers, with local Hawaiian scuba diving and spearfishing businesses struggling. But is there already a proven solution to preventing shark attacks?.... read more

Kayak Anglers Dodge “Shark Tax” with Shark Shield

14 September 2013

Big Game Fisherman and The Kayak Fishing Show host Jim Sammons partners with Shark Shield to stop the shark tax..... read more

Modern Kayak Reviews Shark Shield

7 April 2013

Over the past few months the waters around Byron Bay were thick with baitfish, and to along with them with was a notable rise in the amount of sharks. There have been sightings everywhere, some from my own eyes, including on my own last 3 kayak fishing tr.... read more

Shark Attack Hero Wins Bravery Award

4 April 2013

A man who saved a young woman from the jaws of a three-meter shark has been awarded Australia's second highest honor for bravery, with Shark Shield playing a role in saving the shark attack victims life..... read more

High Tech Shield to Prevent Shark Attacks

18 October 2012

Ocean-lovers in Cape Town are using a device that repels sharks by emitting an electrical wave form..... read more

Shark Shields to Boost Cottesloe Morale

18 October 2012

One of WA’s biggest surf clubs will stage a radical trial of shark repellent devices in a bid to reassure anxious swimmers and protect child competitors from shark attacks this summer. .... read more

Mauled Man Says Shield Saved Him

18 October 2012

Mr Williams is adamant his friends and the Shark Shield Mr Cleaver was wearing were the only things that saved him..... read more

Great White Scare for Police Divers

15 October 2012

A group of Water Police has been forced to wait 10 minutes underwater while a 4m great white circled above.... read more