World Wide Replacement Service for FREEDOM7, SURF7 & SCUBA7

If your product has failed and is still in warranty (one year from date of purchase), you can either return it to your place of purchase to be exchanged for a new unit, or return it to Shark Shield and we will replace it. Please note that not all retailers offer a warranty replacement service.

Simply complete and print the Warranty & Repair Form , attach it to the faulty goods and return them to Shark Shield. We'll of course arrange the exchange and pay the return freight for you.

We want you back in the water as quickly as possible, so if your product is out of its warranty period, we offer a factory repair exchange program with a standard repair price depending on your region and we'll return to you either a new or as new factory refurbished unit. Your replacement unit comes with a full 12 Month Warranty.

If your having any trouble getting your Shark Shield replaced or repaired please 
Contact Us  


Obsolete Shark Shield (Seachange Technology) DIVE01, MARINER, GPSS01, GPSS02 (black plastic casing)

These products have not been produced for several years. Due to parts availability Shark Shield no longer provides a repair service for these products, we recommend customers consider the FREEDOM7 or SCUBA7 as an upgrade option. Please contact for more details.

Obsolete Chargers

The charger for these obsolete versions are made from two parts.

Plug Pack (AMIS-0016): This is the item that plugs into the power point and is rated at 240Vac input, 12VDC 1.5A output.  Shark Shield does not hold any stock of this item but an equivalent product can be purchased from Dick Smith’s (cat no. M9915). All the user needs to do is make sure the universal output connector on the plug pack is set up in the correct orientation, which is positive in the centre and negative on the outside.

Charger box (AMIS-0010): This is the item that the battery connects to. Shark Shield has a limited supply of these units.