No matter where you are – California, Cape Cod, Florida, Reunion Island or Australia – shark stories are a buzz and that's not necessarily good for your dive or surf business.  We may not all admit it, but the thought of a shark attack is terrifying to most of us! But, what if there was a way to help you overcome your customers objections to help you increase dive and surf participation and also increase your profits?
Shark Shield is the world’s only proven shark deterrent solution and our technology has been developed through two decades of research in partnership with the KwaZulu Natal Shark Board in South Africa, the world’s leading experts in predatory sharks. Our customers include the US Coast Guard, the Australian Special Forces, the South African and Australian Navy’s and Abalone Associations.
Shark Shield has successfully helped many dive and surf shops improve their top and bottom line and even revitalize their business after shark attacks in the area.  Read what some of our retailers have to say:
Torry Goodall, Coastal Water DiveCoastal Water Dive"I believe I was one of the first shops that could see the potential of Shark Shield and got behind it. We rely on exhibitions and marine shows to promote awareness to our somewhat isolated regional location.  The first time we promoted Shark Shield at such an event we sold over 50 units which paid for staff and outgoings from this single product. We learnt that the general public want this technology.

I constantly hear remarks such as ‘that will make me feel a whole lot better,’ and ‘now with one of those I will learn to dive.’

This year we anticipate selling 300 plus snorkel and dive units and the potential surfing market is approx. 4 times larger.  The bottom line profit from Shark Shield last year paid wages for two full time staff members – not bad for one product." - Torry Goodall, Coastal Water Dive, Western Australia 

Shark Shield is continually looking for additional distributors and retailers throughout the world, and in particular the United States. If you think your company has what it takes to promote our products then please email us at