"I owe my life to this thing; moreover it saved the life of my kid's mom"

By Jon Schwartz, Kayaker, California on 26 October 2012 (No comments - click here to comment)


Jon Schwartz - Kayaker (Carlsbad, California, USA)

Wednesday, 11th August 2010

My name is Jon Schwartz. I was out in Honokohau Harbor in Kona kayak fishing with my wife today. While tying on a bait, I heard a splash, and we paddled toward it. Then a 12 foot tiger shark came up to check us out, it took a look at us and then started steaming for us.

I just got my Shark Shield the other day and so I didn't think the charge would last the whole time we were out, so I had it at the ready, not expecting it would come to this. I had the antennae loosely coiled up in the back, and as it came at us I plopped the antennae in the water, and reached for the switch. My wife and I were hoping to God it would work. We didn't know if it would. How would we know, I just read the manual two nights before in the hotel room. Well I turned it on, and thank God, it acted as if I annoyed it terribly, and turned tail with a splash and ran off.

I really actually owe my life to this thing; moreover it saved the life of my kid''s mom. This may sound like it''s too perfect to be true but it's true, I only wish I had it on video. It''s the best $600 I ever spent!